One. You are about to enter the in-between place...

           You are about to enter the in-between place. The in-between place is sandwiched between the universe where you this minute sit reading this book and the universe adjoining it that you have never seen. This in-between place is not too different from the one familiar to you or the one on the other side of it that you don’t know at all.

          The moon is only slightly larger.

          The sun travels only a slightly different path across the sky.

          The stars twinkle in the in-between place, although they occasionally consider other ways to draw attention to themselves.

          In this place, two plus two almost always adds to four. Other mathematical equations, on the other hand, may not come out as one would expect. The experiments in science books may defy all proven hypotheses, theories, postulates or principles. Dice may roll or pirouette or boomerang back to their roller. The water in drains may spin one way and then the other.

          In this in-between place, the forests moan and voices whisper far from the lips that mouth the words. And pixies bring garden gnomes to life with a few taps on their pointed hats.

          Other than that, it is exactly the same.

          Look out your window on a crystal-clear morning. Step onto your porch in the evening into a veil of moonlight. Savor those moments in which the in-between place and the world you know are so close that they touch. And in those moments, they might as well be the same place.

          Hopefully by now your pulse has ceased to race as all has been made clear to you. But if all you’ve just read has muddled your thinking or caused the palms of your hands to break into a sweat, then now is the time to turn back. Or turn the page, if you absolutely must.


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